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This item includes:
Individual classes
Standard courses
Intensive courses
Additional activities
Individual classes
At flexible times, at the place of choice of the student.
Standard courses
20 hours per week, divided into 4 hours a day during 5 days.
Intensive courses
30 hours per week, divided into 6 hours a day during 5 days.
Additional activities
To help the student use the language in real situations, at Language-inc. we offer to accompany them to:
Tango lessons
Visits to museums and other cultural environments
Shopping malls
Night out
Visitsto the Delta del Tigre and any other place in the country
Polo, ski, snowboard, and sailing practices, among other sports
Teaching method
Our method consists in a direct approach to the use of language through usage in different real-life situations.
Prior to the commencement of the course or upon arrival to the country, the student is evaluated through a 10-minute telephone conversation.
Ello nos permite, luego, diseñar un curso a su medida.
This enables us to design a tailored course during which to introduce new concepts having the greatest regard for the learning speed of the student but also taking into account their potential.
All this is achieved through practices that involve fun and also the essential formalities. We believe that only through pleasure will the student assimilate what they need to know better and faster.
Likewise, in order to reinforce the learning process students are given texts and CDs for them to read and listen to in their free time.
Activities and materials included
When attending Language-inc. courses, students are provided with:
A previous oral exam via telephone
Formal classes
Classes in real-life situations: stores, pay-phone shops, on the street
Printed material and CDs
Certificate of attendance
At Language-inc. we act with a real sense of commitment, and not like just another teaching institution.
Additionally, our total quality approach guarantees the results.
Distinguishing features
· At Language-inc. ewe select the right expert for each type of student, taking into account their language skills and, mainly, their area of expertise.
· Thanks to our numerous staff of associate professionals, it is always possible for us to provide quick answers
· We work as a team with the student and not just as a simple teacher.
4 reasons for choosing Language-inc.
1. Our total quality approach
This implies the following:
. Each training program for foreigners is carried out by a professional with an excellent knowledge of the English language, Spanish being their mother tongue.
. Such expert has extensive experience teaching Spanish to foreigners.
. Our professionals are selected based not only on their knowledge of both languages but also on their warm attitude and desire to share different cultural aspects related to Argentina with the student.
2. Location
  . If the student wishes to take classes at our institute, it is located in Las Cañitas neighborhood, only 35 minutes away if traveling by subway from the city. Las Cañitas, located in the north of the city of Buenos Aires, is an area that has experienced a considerable growth lately and has several restaurants and design stores.
3. Competitive fees
  · At Language-inc. we offer not only the highest service quality but also truly competitive fees.
PTo request a free quote, please click here.
4. Customer service
· We provide online quotes.
· Training requests made via online and in a very simple way.
· We offer different means of payment.
· We provide assistance regarding hotels and hostels, according to location, style and prices preferred by the student, and also as regards city tours.
· Our bilingual operators provide telephone assistance to answer any kind of questions.
A little push to help you decide
We obviously understand that it is not an easy task to choose a training institute when in another country, especially if it is your first time in Argentina.
You may have many questions to make, hard to convey by e-mail: Is it what I need? Will it be worth it? Will it be a good investment??
Therefore, we offer to call you so as to answer all your doubts.
Just click here and indicate the number we should dial and at what time.
Language-inc. bears the full cost of the call and it will not carry any subsequent charges for you.
Thus, we believe your decision-making will be more informed and confident.
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