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Whispering, consecutive or simultaneous interpretation
Escort interpretation
Whispering, consecutive or simultaneous interpretation
For conferences, congresses, seminars and master classes, anywhere in the world.
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Escort interpretation
Applicable to private events, meetings with few participants, interviews, discussion groups, events on radio and television, press conferences. For entrepreneurs and other foreign visitors in Argentina, and for people residing in the country who travel abroad, at formal and informal meetings and events, business meetings and business rounds.
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We also work with certified interpreters.
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At Language-inc. we act with a real sense of commitment, instead of just like any other company providing interpretation services.
Additionally, our total quality approach guarantees the results.
Distinguishing features
· At Language-inc. we select the right interpreter for each type of project, taking into account their language skills and, mainly, their area of expertise.
· Thanks to our numerous staff of interpreters, it is always possible for us to provide quick answer.
· We work as a team with the client and not just as a simple provider.
4 reasons for choosing Language-inc. in interpretations
1. Our total quality approach
This implies the following:
. Each interpretation service is provided by a professional.
. We assign one leader per project.
. We hold meetings with the interpreters involved and the meeting planner to discuss further details and planning, as well as for any other organizational purposes.
. We offer our advice as to the most convenient form of interpretation for a specific event: whispering, consecutive or simultaneous interpretation
. We make arrangements as to meeting location and provide quotes from several sound-system suppliers.
. Our interpreters are graduated from the University of Buenos Aires and licensed by the Argentine Translators Association.
2. Competitive fees
  . As compared to any other similar company, we offer not only the highest service quality but also truly competitive fees. To request a free quote, please clickhere.
. Corporate clients with a certain continuity gain access to special fees.
. Upon request, we assign permanent or official interpreters to attend different meetings as necessary.
3. Quick Solutions
  · At Language-inc. we deem time to be a part of interpretation quality.
4. Customer service
· We provide online quotes.
· Interpretation requests made via online and in a very simple way.
· We offer different means of payment.
· Our bilingual operators provide telephone assistance to answer any kind of questions.
The Triple “A” Principle
We provide interpretation services for…

Any subject
Any project size
Always on time!
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