HR Services

We strive at offering our clients a complete solution to all their language and communication needs. After working so many years so closely together to HR departments of our clients, we have developed and designed the following HR services to meet their specific needs:

Customized and Standard placement exams for staffing processes:

Need to recruit new staff?? Need to know if they can manage in this global world? We can help you! Whether you need to measure the business language skills of a potential employee or measure the skills of an exiting employee for a potential promotion, Language-inc can either assist you with standard testing or personalize the test to best fit your needs. We will work closely with you to design a test which will suit you and your company’s needs.

Purpose-oriented in- house & offsite activities

Language assessment and customized program planning and development:

HR areas have important tasks when deciding who is fit for what position? Language, cultural and communication skills in worldwide companies are a must. Are the most linguistically and cultural adept staff in the role or department which best matches their skills set? What language, culture or communication training do they require to perform more effectively in their current role? How do we get them there? (change wording) We help you out in answering these kinds of questions and many more, submitting reports on your staffs language needs, and designing customized programs to develop work-related communicational skills

Any Questions?

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