Translation & Interpretation Services

We offer you more than just translations. We offer our help as corporate partners, toso we can work together as a team!! Your company’s success is ours!! Our total quality approach makes us unique in the business and it is one of our main assets. We guarantee a high quality translation! We have been providing our translation expertise to a long list of corporate clients worldwide since 1997.

Interpretation Services

Language-inc interpreters are nationally-recognized certified professionals with university-level training in their respective technical discipline..

Our distinction:

You specialize in your field, so do our translators do too!! All our translators are carefully chosen for each project, based not justonly on their knowledge of the language, but also on their knowledge their field of expertise. Because of our experience & large staff of translators we are able to provide fast turnaround on almost any project. We work with companies as a team, not just as another vendor/provider!

Total Quality Approach

o Human document translation
o 3 step process: 1) human translator 2) proofreader 3) editor
o Project leaders assigned to your translations
o A dependable and professional service provided by our staff of Certified Translators graduated from UBA and licensed by the Argentine Translators' Association.

Excellent customer service

o Online quote requests and confirmations through our website
o Simple online ordering
o Receipt and delivery of documents via email
o Different means of payment available at your request
o Phone operators for all types of queries. Bilingual representatives available to assist you

Highly competitive fees:

o Save up to 60% compared with other translation companies.( Click here for a free quote! )
o For our long-term corporate clients, we also offer Loyalty Pricing.

Quick Turnaround Time

o Efficiency to meet express delivery terms.
o Timely delivery- Translations are always ready on time; many orders are delivered early!
o Seamless upgrade of technologies in order to meet our clients’ requirements in terms of software & hardware, style and layout.

Triple “A” principle!

o A ny subject.
o Any project size.
o Always on time!.

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