Training Services

Each of our courses is designed to measure taking into account the particularities and specific needs of your company. Our goal is to create an environment within which learning is a dynamic, entertaining process with effective results.

  • In-company training
  • Customized courses
  • Language workshops
  • Business Seminars
  • Standardized & customized testing

General & Business English Courses

  • Legal English Course
  • English for Secretaries
  • English for Hotels and Tourism
  • Spanish Courses for foreigners
  • General & Business English Courses

Workshops and seminars to Workshops

  • Basics of Accounting, Money and Banking
  • Business Presentations
  • Business talk (one-day workshop)
  • Commercial Communications
  • Direct Sales Actions
  • Effective Meetings & Negotiations
  • Human Resources Management
  • International Trade
  • International Case Studies in English
  • Intensive Workshop: Business English
  • Management & Marketing
  • Shipping & Transportation
  • Strategic Management
  • Strategy Towards Service Leadership
  • Total Quality Customer Service
  • Telephoning for Customer Service

The perfect Combination!... Classroom Learning, Outside Study and Real-Life Experience

We teach Spanish at the student's individual pace, covering as much material as possible in the time frame the student has dedicated to learning and staying in Argentina. There are no set course levels. Each course is personalized to the student's exact knowledge level, learning style and goals.   Upon arrival student's Spanish level is tested through a short 10 minute oral test. Based upon the results, we design a course to correct the student's weaknesses, fill-in knowledge gaps and cover new material.   Learning a second language is accomplished through direct association, constant practice and consistent correction. The presentation and practice of functional concepts is taught in the classroom. Students receive textbooks and cassettes to use in the evenings to reinforce materials taught in class. To complement classroom instruction, the student is exposed to many and varied real-life situations where speaking and listening skills can be fine-tuned and practiced